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London 2017

ArlixMeet London 2017 took place at 15Hatfields on London's south bank on Tuesday the 2nd of August. It was organised by Alex Choi.
Around 100 young people from across England attended the conference with attendees coming from further afield areas such as Wales and Ireland to attend the conference. This was our second conference in London and with a bigger venue there were many more opportunities to create the event we wanted to have to bring together teen entrepreneurs.
At this conference we introduced the 'create a startup' activity where young people are randomly put together with people they do not know in order to create a company business plan. This usually is done by randomly picking two startups (for example Airbnb and Deliveroo) and they have to create a new startup by combining two other ones. This was particulary successful at our London conference.


  • Jenk Oz
  • Patrick Cantellow
  • Emily Duffy
  • Henry Patterson
  • Ollie Forsyth
  • Johny Pach
  • Omar Fatti

Sponsors and Supporters

  • 15Hatfields
  • O2
  • The Lighthouse Camberwell
  • Arlix Technologies LTD